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12 hours ago, astro said:

Nearby TV or LTE transmitters will easily overload the amplifier before they can be filtered out by the BPF.


I'm thinking the fact that I was a stone's throw away from a cell tower might have been the culprit.  I'm doing a walk and talk in Malibu Monday so TBD if it behaves better there where cell phone signal is iffy to begin with a lot of the time around there so a good test in a minimal cell tower area.

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I primarily do run and gun eng/doc work. When grabbing my bag in a hurry I sometimes get my boom cable or headphone cable tangled in my bowties. Also, as much as I try to follow the 6ft rule,  it just doesn't always work out in real world situations, and the antennas endup rubbing against someone. So, I really like the idea of velcroing the bowties to the front of my bag. But how much (if any) will that effect their reception?

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