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Can a Microdot be repaired?

Trey LaCroix

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My DPA 4098 was recently manhandled by a camera operator during a car shot and the microdot connector got tweaked a bit.


I sent it in to DPA and they told me that they could not repair a microdot connector and that I would have to buy a new one.


I could have sworn that people have had them repaired? Any insight?

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What TX are you using it with? 


Are you using a Microdot-TAF adapter? 


No repair, it's trash. It's a molded connector, I dissected one once, I'll post pics if I get motivated. 


The issue is not the actual microdot collet, it's the hair thin cable thats lost connection somewhere along the inside of the molded connector. 


I suggest chopping it off and selling an unterminated 4098. Put that toward a replacement. unterminated DPA mics still fetch a fair amount. 








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The microdot itself can't be repaired but it can be replaced in most cases, we do this often. Most of our customers tend to end up getting the mics hardwired instead as it is cheaper to repair and in some cases more reliable than the microdot connector.


I think the reason they have said no in this case is because of the design of the mic itself which is unfortunate. 


The price of the replacement microdot connector is around £20+VAT here in the UK.





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4 hours ago, Trey LaCroix said:

I didn’t know you could put a ta5 connector on the 4098. I do this for my lavs. That might be the way to go...

yes, I just wish Lectro hadn’t come up with the Lemo for their SSMs. Depending on circumstances I choose different tx for the 4098, so I‘m stuck with the MicroDot. 
That said, my experience with the MicroDot isn’t that bad...

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I never had to change a microdot connector on my dpas but I changed some cos11s to microdot. It is a bit tricky and it took me a while to find a good connector (it sadly is not from the original brand)... 

It won't look as nice as the dpa ones but works... 


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