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Icon Platform X+ and 833

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Hey all,

Just got a Platform X+ to use as a control surface for my 833. Seems to be working well so far, but I'm having trouble using the knobs at the top of the surface. They work fine for controlling gain on any channel set to mic level, but lose the ability to control gain if the channel is set to line level. I'm guessing there's a way to reprogram the Platform X+ to change that, but I haven't figured it out after reading through the manual, watching tutorials, and searching for other posts, so hoping someone on here might be able to offer guidance. 

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I was dumb. After more experimentation, I've figured out the gain control is switched to knob 1 on the board when you solo a channel, rather than the knob above the fader for each channel (and channel 1 happened to be the mic level channel I was testing). Still, any tips or sources for how to program controls for the 833 would be greatly appreciated! 



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If you solo a channel, the gain knobs should still adjust the appropriate channel. However when you select a channel, it goes into "fat channel" mode where knob 1 adjust gain and other knobs adjust the other channel parameters.

You can custom map functions using iCON's computer software called iMap but I'm not sure why you'd want to change the default values. If you had the M+ instead of the X+ you'd have a few options for custom mapping in Sound Devices' "controllers" menu.

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