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Battery alternative - FXLion Nano


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I thought I'd share my opinions on this lightweight battery I came across.

This is a mini V-lock battery called the FXLion Nano One. It has D-tap, USB-A and USB-C for powering various devices. It's very flexible as it can be charged in a standard V-lock charger, via D-tap, AND USB!

So I recently upgraded from the MixPre-6 to a MixPre-10 II and needed a "real" battery instead of a USB power bank. Since I have various video gear anyway, I wanted something I could throw on a LED-light if needed etc.

I tested an "average" use case on the MixPre-10, recording 2 Phantom mics, 2 radio mics, and the LR Mix. After a little more than 6 hours and 30 minutes of recording, the battery started flashing as the voltage dropped below 12V. I'm sure it could have squeezed out a few more minutes but I wouldn't risk it. I was using it with a D-tap to 4-pin Hirose cable.
So a pair of these would get you through a production day, especially if you can keep the other one charging. Your mileage will vary depending on the gear you're powering, of course.

It's not exactly a low-budget solution (I paid about 140€ excl. VAT per one), however, you can get away without buying a separate charger / battery cups etc.
I think it's a nice intermediate alternative to the NP / smart battery systems on smaller bag setups.

I hope at least one of you finds this useful or interesting. 🙂 Thanks!

Photo 16.01.2020, 15 31 52.jpg

Photo 16.01.2020, 15 21 47.jpg

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I tested the 98Wh model yesterday with Mixpre 10T, 1 48V ph channel and 7 line channels armed (but not recording), LED and LCD on the brightest settings, and it lasted for around 13 hrs.

Started at 10:50 with 16.2V left over and battery started to flash at 23:20 with voltage going under 12V.

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