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Lectrosonics VHF wireless system, I think...

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Greetings Everyone,


I'm nate and, I have recently started recording sound for video.  Prior to that, I had been providing sound reinforcement services for events.  Recently I was called upon to provide lavalier mics for a videographer at this event..  I only had handheld mics in my kit.  B&H was closed and I was stuck. I didn't have enough time to order online.  Luckily, after a few hours trek around to every place I could think of, one of the local pawn shops had two complete sets of Lectrosonics R175 receiver/M175DC transmitter (w original mics & power cord) selling for a little less than $200.   As I said, I didn't have a lot of time so, I took a chance and thankfully, they worked out great for the event. 


My question is...  These things are old... they only work on one channel each... these units are VHF (finally had a chance to do some research 193.050 & 192.050) and, even though that event worked out nicely, should I replace these with UHF, 2.4GHz?  They sound good but I'm afraid being stuck on just the one frequency each.  Any advice would be appreciated.




The new kid

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3 hours ago, Rick Reineke said:

The VHF range is clearer now then it was prior to DTV, I still have two 185 systems that work better now then they did in the mid 90s. Of course they are not frequency agile, so if there's interference, you're forked.

Thanks Rick.  


I think I'll hold on to them... any advice for repacement lav's??? can't seem to find any that fit these 2.5mm jacks

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I'm not familiar with the 175 Tx., The user manual states a "Twist-lock micro" which appears to be about the size of a 2.5 mm micro w/ a locking mechanism.  Contact Lectro about a proper plug replacement or mic. My M185s originally came w/ Lectro 119s, but the M185 Tx had a TA5 (mini XLR) connection. Oscar SoundTech (OST) has decent mics for under $150 if your on a budget, Don't know if OST can get a compatible plug.

btw, OST is in central Jersey and customer service is top shelf.

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