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Connect SD888 with Tablet setup for SD Remote APP

Dalton Patterson

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I am working on a SD888 and going through the steps to connect a Samsung Tablet running the latest version of Android. This is how I got it working, your experience may vary. The USB A-USB Micro cable is a possible fault and should be swapped out if suspected. Not all USB-A_USB Micro cables are the same. 


-Download SD Remote App. Plug in the USB cable to the 8xx. 

-On the Android Tablet, 

  -Turn on USB developer mode,

      -( it's a hidden key tap ,6 taps for me), Settings->about tablet->Software information-> Build Number ( Tap build Number 6 times to turn on developer tools)

  -Go to Developer Tools->Turn on USB debugging

  -Set USB to MIDI (Developer Options->Networking->Default USB Config)


-On the SD 8xx, Press menu

  -go to 1.POWER  

  -go to 5. USB-A Charge Output 

    -Confirm 500mA ( not 1.5A) 



_You have to use a USB A-USB Micro cable ( or whatever USB type your tablet uses)  to use the SD Remote app.

_SD888 does not function with the IOS Wingman APP. ( Wingman is being replaced by SD Remote).

_The SD Remote app will be available on IOS soon. ( It will require the BT antenna) 

_Coming from using a 6xx series mixer, the 8xx series mixer was intuitive, easy to use, and required minimal head scratching. I got it setup in under an hour. 

_The colored LED's are very pretty. I like the color scheme. 

_I made the screen on the 888 freeze, I don't know how, SSD,SD1,SD2 were unformatted. The buttons still responded, I didn't put on cans to listen, power cycled the machine and no more issues. 



IMG_5172.JPGWhat would this thread be without a pic!



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