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Nova Bias voltage PTT walkie integration

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My favorite contribution to Nova is becoming a reality. This is a game changer for reality bag mixers!
it uses Bias voltage to enable the output to activate Push to talk on the walkie.

Gene Martin is making me hd26 with a mic that will be connected to Nova and I can use the microphone and com to enable the walkie.

I have been routing the walkie to my mixer/recorder for a very long time and now I don’t even need to use the walkie microphone and bring it to my mount.

Everything is integrated and eliminates the need for those PTT walkie microphones.



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i just discovered this with a fw update howy made for media cards. this is incredible. this is a major plus. that is great work Rado

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I am wanting to set up walkie integration with my Nova but am getting a bit confused...


As I see it there are two options:


1.) I can buy mic that attaches to my HP and plugs into the 'mic' 3.5mm on the Nova then route this to output 6 to the walkie and have a return from the walkie into return1/2 of the Nova. Pressing the com button should open the walkie.


2.) Glenn mentioned that he has successfully used a URX100 lanyard to the Nova. He said the PTT button on the lanyard was functional. He also said the lanyard needs to be connected to output 6 and return 1/2 for 2 way communication. Does this mean the lanyard TRRS connector can be split into mic and HP then plugged into the 3.5mm mic connector and routed to output 6 the same as I would do with the external mic? And the PTT button on the lanyard would be functional?



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