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Ambient EMP5S take-apart?

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Hi folks. I've got two of the following do-dads with problems:

Apparently whatever they use to hold the TA-5 bit in place is not very rugged, and after a while it starts to rotate loose. I've got one where the TA-5 rotated so much that a wire inside snapped, and another I'm babying because the TA-5 is loose, but it's still working for the time being.

Problem is I cannot figure out how these things come apart. The XLR end is stamped as a Neutrik "NC*MX-HD", and it looks for all the world like the black collar should rotate off the silver barrel, but I can't get it to budge. And I also don't see any set-screws anywhere, so I'm at a loss.

Anyone know how to get inside one of these things?

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They are glued shut.

Get yourself some molegrips, something to grip and protect the metal parts (I used some rubber sheet) and force it open.  If it's really not going try carefully heating it up a bit with a heat gun.


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