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Neumann ceases to produce Solution-D?

Masaki Hatsui

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I think there's no one talked about it here.

I was surprised to see this announcement on the Neumann's website.

Does it mean Neumann ceases their whole range of digital microphone or just the interface?

Anyone (maybe someone in Germany?) knows of more details?



The digital Neumann microphone technology (Solution-D) will no longer be part of the Neumann product portfolio from 2021. Last order date for dealers will be 31 July 2020. After that, the products will be available as long as stock lasts. Service for all Solution-D hardware products is guaranteed until 31 Dec 2030.

The Remote Control Software (32 Bit, available also as VST plug-in) for the digital Neumann microphones is compatible with Windows 98SE – Windows 10 and Mac OS 8.6 – Mac OS X 10.14.6. There will be no further updates of the RCS software.



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I had a friend that had a stereo pair, and offered to sell them to me at a reasonable price. Well, compared to the retail price anyway. I got them to my studio, I couldn't get them to work at all. He said the they had broke before and got sent back to Neumann for repair, and he would do that again. That time, they charged him a lot of money to fix these mics that were never really used. When they came back, he asked me if I still wanted them. I said no.

It was a very weird design, and very early on the digital mic game. I'm hoping that they are going to replace that model with an improved one. IMO here is a lot of potential for a digital mic, vs this modeling mic trend of which I have not been impressed with either.


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