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cl12 micro usb


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has any one had that tiny micro usb receptacle break off? Is there any way to wire it direct?


I am one week into a movie and that cord got snagged when I had a bunch of folks lift my cart up some stairs. 


The receptacle has a number of small tabs that look like the are not soldered and cary the voltage into the cl12. I cleaned them off and have some thick super glue setting. There are also two registration pins for the receptacle and it doesn't look like they were soldered very well. One side does not look soldered at all and the other was barely attached. 


I will call SD tomorrow morning an see if I can get another small board with the connectors on the way. It doesn't look too hard to replace. When I first looked at that connector I thought that will not last and I was right. 


not the end of the world but I have grown quite fond of the board, mostly for the easy buttons and function keys. 


john in OKC. 

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Sorry to hear about this. That connector is ludicrous and insulting on a $3k “board”. 

I’ve had my own troubles with it, mainly frying it pretty thoroughly while wiring up a 12v to 5v converter. 

Hopefully SD has learned their lesson. At least for their professional line. I’ve learned mine with a $600 repair bill. 

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After many many issues with this non professional solution I decided to have the CL12 modified. Now there's a USB-B Neutrik connector and I can use any solid printer cable - perfect.

But it's done by an electronics guy, not by SD. CL12 was out of warranty anyway. There is enough space on the back of the unit to drill a hole for another plug.

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I am going to glue and screw this to the CL12 somewhere. 

I went to a mall store for UPS shipping and they wanted 400 dollars to ship overnight. Ouch. Wont do that again, it's worth a drive to Fed Ex office. 

I can only imagine that they did this so some one would not get confused and plug usb power into the mixer? Once again trying to save us from ourselves creates other problems. 


Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 4.42.04 PM.png

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