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Can someone double-check my MS cable pinout? (URGENT)


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Hi, I'm using a Senn MKH50/30 MS rig with connbox > 5pin to dual 3pin XLR > MixPre6.

My 5pin to dual 3pin XLR cable broke, so I'm trying to make a new one before recording today. I've wired it exactly like the old one, and as far as I can tell, exactly as I should according to the internet, and yet, when I MS decode my file after recording, it doesn't sound correct.


Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I've attached pictures of my cable, and a sound clip of the decoded MS stereo file, in case hearing it helps.


I've also tried rewiring the 5pin so that the positives and negatives are reversed, but that didn't fix it.







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10 minutes ago, JensF said:

Any phase inconsistency’s in the cable would only lead to the decoded LR stereo image being flipped.

Yeah, sadly that's definitely not the case here because I could just flip it. the sides are showing up in the middle.


The unencoded stereo file is correct as far as I can tell, so I don't think it's an issue with the MixPre. Or the microphone unless something was happening with the connbox pins. I'm still puzzled.

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On 3/5/2020 at 1:44 PM, JensF said:

Didn’t see you posted a audio file until now. How do you have your mics positioned?

They are in a Rycote setup so that the MKH50/30 is positioned correctly for M/S. I don't think I've ever removed the 30 from that rig, but I remove the 50 frequently. It seems that the 30 is the issue though.

I had to use an alternative solution for my recording gig so now I've got some time. I'm going to try to bypass the connbox just to make sure it's not that. Beyond that I'll have to think...

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