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UltraViola Audio - Budapest


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maybe some folks from Hungaria are on this board and can help me with a company from Budapest called - UltraViola Audio - https://ultraviola.eu

If it is thrustworthy or not?

They have good prices and I would like to order there. I have explored their homepage. Everything seem professional and all the products  are the usual suspects.

The imprint also looks good. I checked the VAT number and the registration number and both are fine.

Any opinions?




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I was eagerly waiting for someone to post about this website haha. I did the same, checked their Imprint, VAT, I even checked their address on google street view, their past addresses. Their email response is fast, and they explained how they achieve the low prices on certain products. What ultimately convinced me, was an email that I sent to UltraViola, that got redirected to someone at https://www.studio-general.hu/hu/, which is an official distributor of all the brands they offer on their website.


I have not bought anything there yet, but will do soon.

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I've ordered some stuff including a Sanken CS3e and everything went perfect. Arrived fast and well packed.
I don't know how they got my mailaddress to send me their offers but since they were good, I don't really mind.
Using vat-id worked well also.

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