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I suspect many of you have dealt with this issue. I am two weeks into a movie and my left ear is ringing 24 hours a day now. I bought an earpiece for the two way radio that is very comfortable but two days after installing it the ringing started. 

Of course I realize I should stop using it but wanted to know what options there are for combining the two way into the mixer headphones. I am using a 664. We are using Motorola radios.




John In okc

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Stop it immediately. If it has set you off this quickly then whatever it is, it is bad. Get rid of it.


If you have a spare input to your recorder/mixer then maybe use that. Depending on your recorder/mixer you might be able to send it to the other ear, or to both, and yet not record it. If you have to record it then send it to the highest track number, and see if you can mirror only the track numbers that you need, not the walkie feed.


If you cant do the above then get a stand alone small mixer like an SD302, and mix your headphone feeds and the comms on that.


Be in control of it, and keep it low level. Protect your hearing - it is your greatest asset, and if you damage your hearing you are fucked.


Look after yourself, Simon B

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