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Lectrosonics Announces MTCR recorder

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Good morning all,


Lectrosonics announces the release of the MTCR Miniature Time Code Recorder.  The MTCR is  compact AAA powered recorder with TC input and the industry standard 5 pin servo input common to Lectrosonics Transmitters.  In production now.  The big difference between this design and the previous PDR is that the headphone jack allows setup and playback but shuts off during recording.



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This unit uses a different microprocessor (the PDR micro was discontinued) and the headphone jack mutes during recording.  Otherwise, it is functionally identical to the PDR.    Regarding stereo - in that form factor, the battery life would be dismal due to the increased current draw of a second channel.  The SPDR, while larger has stereo inputs plus AES in and 21 hours battery life running off two AA Lithiums.  It's about the size of our old LM series body pack.  



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