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Ursa mini pro g2 timecode TOD record-run settings

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Shooting with 2x ursa mini pro g2’s today and on the side screen of one of the units i noticed my timecode was coming in but the camera itself was not syncing to external tc. Numbers weren't rolling. I was fortunate to have spare time to lookup the manual while setup was happening. Thought this info i found buried deep in the ursa manual might be helpful to someone whom may encounter this. 

there is no menu for tc but rather button pushes to set and change modes. Time of day tc is default. If you hold the timecode button on the side under the lcd panel for 5sec it enters record run mode - which is what this cam was stuck in and dp had no idea. It was a rental. To get out of this record-run mode, you have to hold the “hold” button and timecode button under the side lcd panel for 3sec. 

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