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Best non-coiled low profile XLR jumper cables?

Mark Farag

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Did a search and couldn't find much info on non-coiled XLR jumpers with low profile connectors. Looking for high quality options both male XLR to female XLR and vice versa. Seems like there are a few options at various dealers, but the cable thickness/quality looks rather anemic in most of them. Not sure I would trust them. Remote Audio's jumpers seem to be made with a decent cable as far I can tell from photos. Looking for 10" to 18" options.  What are you all using?


Thanks and take care,



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Maybe try making some of your own?

I just ordered some Switchcraft RA low profile XLR connectors from Markertek. They also have a great selection of bulk cable from Canare, Mogami etc.

With a lot of downtime in the next couple weeks due to the corona🦠 I’m gonna solder up some cables.


FWIW, I have been using a few of Cable Techniques’ TA3-XLR and TA3-TA5 for some time now. Yes, they look skinny, but so far no problems.

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