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Zoom Meetings for JWSOUND

Jeff Wexler

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Jeff Wexler is inviting you to a JWSOUNDGROUP Zoom meeting.



Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime - you can JOIN without a host

Once you join you can Invite others to join you.


If you already have the Zoom app, just join Meeting ID 606 297 541

Password:  jwsound


Join Zoom Meeting using browser access to Zoom app.



Meeting ID: 606 297 541

Password: jwsound

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6 minutes ago, Eric Toline said:

I be there now. As empty as Times Square.


Sorry, Eric, very much under attended ---  lots of other people are trying to get online meetings going, take the sting away from all the "social distancing". I may schedule some get togethers (like Jan has always done with Sounderday) so they will be better attended.

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13 minutes ago, Sound Intuition said:

I would love to have a mid week chat along with our regular weekend one. Nothing but time these days.



I have made a meeting available to everyone at any time, but I'm grappling with how to promote a Zoom meeting without actually having to announce a meeting time, so formal. Think about ideas how to accomplish this. It works with Jan's group because we all got used to the time.

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