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De-batterying: oddly emotional.

Philip Perkins

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As location sound freelancers, esp those of us who mostly work short jobs, having the gear prepped and ready to go is kind of an article of faith.  We've all had last minute calls for work where we got to ride in like the cavalry and save the day, and maybe acquire a new client.  Yesterday I spent some little time going through my stuff (more than I realized) and taking all the batteries out of everything.  Seeing my gear in this decidedly UNREADY state bummed me out.  I know I needed to do this, if only to save a lot of $ in slowly draining batteries, but the process was strangely unpleasant and made me nervous:  "shit!  I'm not ready!!!" etc..


Here's hoping for a tsunami of work when the world returns to itself.

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I've seized the opportunity to test, recondition, and sort my 72 Eneloop Pro and 60 Powerex Imedion rechargeable AAs.


The Maha Powerex MH-C9000 charger takes more than thirteen hours to cycle a set of four Eneloop Pros in REFRESH/ANALYZE mode (at 600mA setting).


This seems like an ideal time for such a project.


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We just wrapped six weeks early so all batteries were already out!  It’s always weird to me to have this huge sound kit home.  Like a sleeping giant or something.  Part of me does occasionally wonder if it will ever work again, but it’s not a rational part.


I’m going through sound “gear” that’s over ten years old and dumping most of it!  It’s kind of hilarious (in a damaged tragic way) to see all the crap I kept because “I will probably need it someday.”   Not!  A couple things had batteries in them all corroded heh, from before I knew that could happen.


Dan Izen

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