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VPN for mac os 10.6.8

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I know this operating system is super antiquated but my son is using one of my old laptops for homeschooling during this pandemic. Was curious to know if anyone here is using a VPN on this operating system? I have contacted various pay software people but still waiting for responses. Most are only supporting 10.11 and up. I am using express VPN otherwise. They have a manual set up that I’m currently trying to figure out

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I use Tunnelblick daily with OpenVPN configurations.  They have releases supporting your OS.  You would have to check with Express VPN if they have OpenVPN profiles you can download.  I have used NordVPN this way with Tunnelblick.


You can download deprecated versions of Tunnelblick supporting back to 10.4 here:




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OpenVPN should work.  I recommend the VPN "Mullvad".  You can use one account on 5 devices and if you have it on a newer Mac or phone, I recommend using it in the "wireguard" mode as it is seamless in terms of turning on and off with very good speeds.  Hopefully Apple adds it natively to their kernel someday to make it even better as the latest Linux kernel (5.6) just did that.

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