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The future of lav'ing


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2 hours ago, Jim Feeley said:

Did you all see this? A few details, but nothing on sound. Any of our Oz pals here know what they're planning on doing? From Deadline:


Australia’s ‘Neighbours’ Sets Safety Protocols As It Resumes Production; First Show Back Could Be Road Map For Others


As Hollywood begins mounting an industrywide effort to create protocols for films and TV shows to safely return to production, there will be a test case to draw upon.


Australia’s long-running soap Neighbours will resume filming next week after a monthlong production shutdown because of the coronavirus pandemic. It is believed to be the first suspended TV drama in the English-speaking world to restart production.


Here are the safety guidelines that are being put into place by Neighbours‘ production company Fremantle Australia, which, in success, could be a road map for other shows and for reopening Hollywood.


[Click on the headline to read the rest of the story.]

I've worked on that show a lot over the years. Its been running for a long time, shooting episode 8382 when I last went in there in march. Traditionally its a very sound friendly show. Running 2 to 3 units at the studios.

They have Interior studios where they run 2x fisher booms. No radios and no waiting!!. And also a 'location' unit that works on the backlot shooting all the exteriors. The directors/camera/lighting are all good at working with sound to get the booms in.

I haven't heard what they are doing regarding the new way of shooting or the use of radios, but it wouldn't be a stretch for them to go boom only.

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Having been a studio boom operator for 3 years at the start of my career now it may

be a chance for producers to lean that experienced boom ops are a valuable commodity!


So often productions now have relied on the sound mixer using lavs and faint at the

suggestion that a second boom is necessary!



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1 hour ago, Philip Perkins said:

I'd like to thank the Lectro folks for their lav mic+TX guidelines https://tinyurl.com/y953q8hs.    Good ideas....except for the business about recording on-set dialog with parab mics.  Thanks guys, but, uh, no.



Hey Philip, please check the link, I got this:


Error: Unable to find URL to redirect to.

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I gave up using vampire clips years ago. Has anyone with similar personal pref's here started using them again post pandemic in place of moleskin/topstick/durapore etc? It seems the way to go for cleanliness imho but the pins require the usual "dont hurt yourself" disclaimers. sonatrims with vampire clips were the last i used but i see now a whole world of rubber boot vamps
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On 4/22/2020 at 7:26 PM, soundpod said:

Running 2 to 3 units at the studios.

They have Interior studios where they run 2x fisher boom

Now that would be a welcome trend to become of all this. I'll read the last page of comments to see if this is redundant, but the first narratives I'm getting in are scripted with masks on talent. You know, a sign or commentary of the times, coming of age, so to speak. If that's the case, then asynchronous dialog and ADR, even on closeups and mediums would be very foreseeable. 


No, I don't see a return to vampire clips. And the boot has done some hideous things to my cables. 


As for ENG, most on here would not have offered me much professional courtesy back when, but I have a fleet of instamics. In these circumstances, if we really need it, I can leave one on the talents chair or makeup table, hand them with gloves, however it seems suitable based on the Productions safety protocol, and the talent or hair/MU can a) press this with some prepared wig tape to the temple bone behind the ear where no one grows hair) or a collar bone (where the pocket rests under clothing loosely) -or- b) keep a magnetic clip that doesn't take any skill on their part to dress to the outside of their clothes. And just as you might get a boom line, this placement can shift with any new lens or punch in. Just slide the magnetic backing down the shirt til someone calls "out" (or let them bracket it out of frame, and you hold your line) 

c) planting rather than dressing whenever you can, with your body/boundary mics going to mix.


The latest software does come with timecode support and multi-sync transport, but no, you won't be monitoring them. So this is not a mission critical solution. This is a band-aid for sure. But it'll sound plenty fine. You're replacing a lav mic, remember, the Swanson Dinner of sound (or insert your frozen dinner metaphor here). You will be checking a meter on your phone just to confirm that they are rolling, and you can get the best gain settings at start up, or just get to know them a little at home. And you will be clapping, sure. But ENG and corporate interview are a few longer takes anyway, typically. They can scrub a little on the timeline if you're not getting cooperation on set; it isn't going to kill them.

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