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src & micplexer2

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I have a question

I am a user who mainly uses hma plug-on in src (B1).

There is too much frequency interference these days.

Walkie-talkie frequency (403 ~ 470MHz) frequency interference

ARRI WCU-4 (2.4KHz) frequency interference

Teradek Bolt 3000 (5khz) frequency interference

Avoid these frequency interferences

zaxcom micplexer2 trying to buy

1.src & micplexer2

Want to know if it's okay to use it in combination?

What I want is not important that the signal goes far

It is a priority that you do not receive frequency interference from other equipment.

2.src@PSC RF Multi SMA (470-700 MHz)

I wonder what this combination is like

3. Be sure to let me know which of them is better to buy


PSC RF Multi SMA (470-700 MHz)

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The Micplexer II has a 35 MHz wide window that will do exactly what you want to do. It will only let in RF in the range you want to receive. The micplexer can be used with any brand of receiver. If you can do a test with both and see how close you can come to the receiver before it is effected with both products. The difference will be 


The PSC from our tests adds gain to unwanted signals  (460 walkies) making a bad situation worse as it has no filtering to my knowledge.



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