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Sound Summit 2020

Patrick Tresch

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FYI some cool stuff coming next :



Want to see what’s new in production sound?

Join Viviana Straps, Sonosax, Lectrosonics, K-Tek, Bubblebee Industries, and Sound Devices/Audio Ltd for Sound Summit 2020, a live, online presentation and discussion of

the newest products in production sound.



When is Sound Summit?

April 30, 2020, 8:00 am PDT to 12:00 pm PDT

May 1, 2020, 8:00 am PDT to 12:00 pm PDT

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34 minutes ago, JonG said:

Do we have a list of new releases announced?

Off the top of my head:


K-tek showed off their new Stingray bags
Bubblebee gave a sneak peak of the sidekick 2

URSA showed off the "Maskie" and a new lav mount
Schoeps showed off the CMC1L (CCM sized lemo preamp for colette capsules)
Lectrosonics showed the 822 receiver
Ambient showed off a new superslot receiver master locket
Orca had some new bags

I'm sure I missed something, but the live streams are still viewable on Youtube

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1 hour ago, RadoStefanov said:

The model of the bag is called: small


Yes maybe, but it wasn’t even clear you were talking about bags at all. The last posts before yours were about preamps and rf receivers. 

21 minutes ago, mateuf said:

Optional side adressed lemo would make the profile even smaller in certain situations ( similar to dpa mmp-gs/es )  

 Yes, I asked about a low profile Lemo, but it appears to be difficult 

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