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We have just published on our web site a history of Zaxcom's inventions and innovations. We hope that any historians or corporate versions of history will always include Zaxcom's innovations specifically the invention and first production use of digital modulation in a wireless microphone that eliminates an analog compander and its distortion. The invention and first use of acoustic local control and RF remote control of a transmitter providing remote control of audio gain and other functions even during a performance. The invention and first use of the recording transmitter highlighted by the Award of Emmy by the television Academy and of a Scientific Achievement award by the Motion Picture Academy.

Recording transmitters eliminate the dropouts and lost audio common to wireless microphone usage. Zaxcom's invention of the recording transmitter has also been confirmed by the United States patent office with the award of 4 patents. The patent office has also recently reconfirmed the original non obvious nature of the Zaxcom inventions in 3 separate legal challenges with decisions for and in favor of Zaxcom and its patents.


Link to history page


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