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2012 MBP HDD Swap?

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Anyone?  Is it possible to take the SSD out of my current 2012 MBP (the computer is having some problems, nothing to do with the OS or the HDD) and simply R&R the HDD in another 2012 MBP, fire it up and have it be good to go?  I'd keep my current MBP as a backup.  I think I can buy a pretty mint replacement 2012 MBP for cheaper than I could have my current MBP repaired.


Yes, I know I can swap the drives and then do a restore from Time Machine, but since I am going to open both machines up anyway to swap my 16GB of RAM out for the 8GB in the replacement, it would be easy to swap the drives at the same time.


And yes, I know that the new computer could have its own problems.  Researching that with the seller now.


Thanks for any thoughts.



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