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Dat Transfer Questions


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This is going back in time a little. My friend has 
4 DAT tapes that were recorded on a Fostex PD4 at 48kHz, 30 fps non 
drop.  He wants them transferred to a digital computer file that he can 
edit. On the Audio side, I was planning on using my Fostex Pd4 to 
transfer from it's AES/EBU digital output via a 110 ohm xlr into my 
Sound Devices 664's digital input. The 664 would be set to 48kHz/ 24 
bit.   I would send the Fostex's playback time code into the time code 
input of the 664. My question is, will this work without me doing 
anything to alter the playback speed for the file to work when he sinks 
sound to picture in the computer. His super 16 film was transferred to 
video years ago and he is having the video transferred into a computer 
file for the edit. The film was transferred at 29.97. I know that 
somewhere along the line the post people did a speed adjustment to the 
sound, but I don't know at which point is was done.
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The PD 4 didn't have external sync, so whatever the sample rate the tape was recorded at is how it will play back.   Machines with external sync ports could input a reference signal that could cause the machine to pull down or up etc-I did this many times with an HHB PDR1000TC.   Your friend will have to make any adjustments in his DAW.

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