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Recording Engineer/Producer Magazine December 1978

al mcguire

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December 1978 Recording Engineer / Producer was US the premiere magazine for recording engineers, there was no  internet, there were few schools, Full Sail was still BeeJay Recording, and every issue was a treat was a treat boxto find in the mail. I picked this issue for my daughters birthday 41 years ago.

This one has an interview with Geoff Emerick about how they did Sgt Pepper.

The ad's are emotional for an analog dinosaur.





Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 9.23.43 PM.png


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Oh man. I read R/EP and db magazine (not dB, right?) during lunch at my summer jobs when I was a kid, and would take copies home for the weekend and try to figure out what they were writing about. Had to ask my boss and others to explain some of the stuff to me, but flipping through the issue you posted sure brings back memories. Thanks Al! 

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Here is the link to the RE/P library



and the entire site



Example - I read in RE/P "Someone von Someone always uses and SM 57 under the snare with the phase reversed and mixed back into the dry snare" and i respond to myself " I've never tried that, it seems so obvious, I'll try it next tracking session, and I liked it" 


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Sadly - annoyingly - when AudioMedia changed hands (the first time) the fairly new digital archive of the previous publishers efforts just stopped working! If you hadn't downloaded what you wanted when it was owned by A you couldn't when B rebranded.


One important result is that I cannot share a link to eg the odd interesting article like how David Lewiston recorded gamelan with EV50s when the KM74s overloaded ...


I'm not a fan of sitting digitising anything without a pay packet to encourage it but I guess in several years if we still have some form of digital technology I might be the old man uploading Alarums & Excursions ...


Thanks again Al for that issue!



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Funny that this should show up here as I am in the middle of some deep-dredge reminiscing with a man who is producing a documentary on the 1979 Kiss US tour that I was the stage monitor mixer on.  Why 1978-9 right now?


Anyway, just a funny little trip back in time.  40 freakin' years.  Wow!



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"I picked this issue for my daughters birthday 41 years ago."

A mile marker for me.


JB - Be very careful what you wish for. Please post a picture of you in your polyester dico suit.


Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 6.56.50 AM.png

This LP features Sheldon Kurland as the the leader of the strings, Shelly is Peter Kurland's dad. Small world.

The entire LP is on youtube 


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The youtubes are good and it contains the entire album 

 I have a 40 year old earworm back in action  "Happy Trails to You, until we meet again"

Period correct photo w/ Al Bob, Billy Bob and Beegie Bob, we were collectively known as  the Bob family 

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 7.26.17 AM.png

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