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B9 Audio - CM150

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there is this Taiwan based mic manufacturer www.b9audio.com

I am interested in the Super Cardiod mic CM150 which is available in three different versions.


It´s difficult to find informations about them, because the ones I found are in Taiwanese.


On Youtube there are some videos. A demonstration of the CM170 and the CM150 can be found. All the others are used for classical recordings.

I assume, that the mics have to be more than good, when used for classiscal recordings, because normally these people are super picky about what gear they choose.




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I listened to a demo of the CM170 at Gotham a while back and it was clearly a knockoff of a MiniCMIT. Didn't sound nearly as nice as the real thing but not so bad as to be unusable. I'd class it in the same rank as an Oktava.

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Gotta say, the B9 mics are clearly better than an Octava.  Much better.  I will agree that they are not Schoeps, but they are pretty darned good.  I record almost nothing but classical music and have a locker full of top-tier mics and I demo'd the stereo figure-of-eight on a number of jobs, against Blumlein Schoeps Mk8s  and my Samar stereo ribbon and the B9 mic did not disappoint.  At the price, I would say that they are hard to beat.  They are great bang-for-the-buck mics for those without the bank to be able to afford the top tier.


Can't say anything about the B9 "movie mics" however.


Just my $.02.



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