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The full Lectro crew is back at work in Rio Rancho, NM with masks, distancing and gallons of sanitizer. That includes service, engineering, sales, shipping, production, etc. Gordon is the only crew member who may be still at home, trying to safely resettle a mom cat and her 5 kittens that have made an inaccessible den out of his outdoor kiva/waterfall. Gordon says he will price the kittens very reasonably. Any color as long as it is gray and white

Best Regards,

Larry Fisher

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Are the kittens legally allowed to be used in the USA?  Those at the FCC have been working hard to reduce the allowed kitten bandwidth.  Only large, large corporations are allowed to have kittens these days.  There are a few small exceptions.




On the other hand, I can bet those kittens are hybrids.


Oh, and congratulations on the reopening.  Be safe all!

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Posted (edited)

Gordon's got some other pictures of the feral kittens on his facebook page. Gordon's female dog went over to check out the feral momcat and to quote Gordon:"She discovered what Hell with teeth and claws looks like." 


Gordon's feral kittens.jpg

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KItten update - last Thursday night the mom cat discovered there are TWO dogs in residence and decided she wanted her kits to grow up in a more reputable neighborhood.  So she and the kits ate the food I had set our them for their Thursday night midnight snack and left in the early am - without paying the bill I should point out - and departed for destinations unknown.   This weekend will involve expanding landscaping foam and crawling all over that waterfall eliminating the attractive access points to prevent further incursion by feline squatters.  I was all set to trap, neuter, release last weekend - perhaps they got a copy of my plans.  So, we are once again kitten free and the pups will have full run of the yard again without anti-social distancing rules.  

I must admit, I won't miss picking up the remains of what momma hunted down each night - she was an impressive predator.


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