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Another DIY BDS with Marine Voltmeter

Paul F

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I came across a marine voltmeter with two USB ports and I knew I had to make a BDS with it. I've been using batteries with a USB port built-in. I thought why have the  ports in the battery and have to duplicate them (plus having to swap cables during a battery change) when they should be external. You may have seen this, but it's new to me.  I bought it more for the USB ports than the voltage meter. But the display a nice bonus.


The toggle is a locking switch so it won't accidentally switch off. The input is on the side. I use non-locking connectors. The 5.1/2.1 connectors make very solid connections and I'd rather not mess with the lock if I don't need to, which I believe is the case here.


I've included a 5 amp manual reset breaker. You can see it in the little port hole on the side. I don't like breakers that reset by themselves.


I'll be adding a 12v to 3v converter and six ports for my receivers/transmitters. I haven't decided if I will use Velcro or a belt clip to mount it. 20200524_191755.jpg



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Yes, the meter has the 12V to 5V converter built-in. I was looking for USB ports I could build into a BSD that ran off 12V and found this device. Notice that the ports are also Quick Charge ports for faster charging.


It fits in my bag. My small cart is just a bag holder so it's for both.



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Nice looking box Paul. Last summer while I was looking on Amazon for a USB charger "for my actual boat" I came across that charger and thought the same as you. "I'll add one to my bag as well." That way I don't have to use a D-Tap to 5v converter anymore. Now both my boat and my SD664 bag have phone chargers. It has worked very nicely for the past 11 months. Great $12 investment.





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