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Any Timecode Systems TRX+ users? Have a question

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Any Timecode Systems TRX+ users out there.. Have a question.. If you don't have a Pulse or Wave, can you still connect to the TRX+ with the Timecode Buddy?

Only function I really would want it to easily set its timecode to Time Of Day..


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Thinking of 2 TRX+ units or possible orignal Wifi master set to Slave..  Blink data not a big deal.. Here's what I was hoping to accomplish... TRX+ on follow cart and serves as TC Master. Utility uses the Timecode Buddy app to set the Timecode to Time OF Day. Then uses unit to Jam slates and whatever else.

On my main/small cart have possibly WiFi Master or TRX+ set to slave rf so when Utility pops on, I'm in sync and ready.. I started making follow cart the TC Master because I swap between carts often and his cart is generally closer to set... The wave and pulse are cool be are serious overkill..


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Utility wouldn't be able to use the Timecode Buddy app, because the TRX+ don't have wifi built in. Utility would need a Wifi Master, :pulse, or :wave on that follow cart to use the app. They could alternatively set the TC and UB within the TRX+ manually. So essentially you could go without the Wifi master, :pulse, or :wave and just go with 3 TRX+ if using the app isn't a deal breaker.


The Wifi Master and TRX are from the same "family" so there shouldn't be problems in jamming units.


It's been a while since I've used the wifi master and TRXs as I've moved on to :wave and USOs so I'm not sure how the TCB app is holding up. Maybe someone with better long term memory than I do can chime in and just make sure everything I'm saying is correct. ;)



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