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Project Car Owners With A Sound Mixing Problem


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As previously discussed here.  If you are into cars / have something interesting / working on a project and you're in the sound community, post here!?!

My current projects!


1968 Ford F250 Camper Special Ranger // Factory Big Block FE 390 w/ C6 Automatic RWD Dana 60 3.54's out back (Has 60's Leer top and hay rails)


1970 (actually is a '69 titled as a '70 and sold on 4/10/70) Kaiser Jeep Wagoneer // Factory Buick 350 4x4 Dana 44's w/ TH400 Automatic (Was a vehicle for the Klamath Falls Regional Airport from '70 till '95 when it was mothballed and was kept in a hangar there on premises till I purchased it in 2017)




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It is an affliction; I'd probably be a rich man if it weren't for the cars. But I'm happy in the grips of my disease and a member of the Southern California Alfa Romeo Club, often referred to as a drinking club with a car problem.

I acquired Orsini, the 1991 Spider Veloce pictured here, in 2015. I am the third owner. Ron, from South Carolina, used it as his daily driver and put nearly 100,000 miles on it over ten years. Andy acquired it then, drove it up to Long Island, and used it for pleasure. He added just over 10,000 miles, rebuilt the transmission, replaced the top and rebuilt the suspension with performance springs and Bilstein shocks.

I bought it online and had it shipped to California. It needed some work when it arrived. The interior was shabby, especially the seats; there were scratches all over; the tires looked good but were ten years old; the water pump was leaking; the wheels showed considerable road rash and the engine burned oil excessively.

Andy Terani at Empower Auto attended to the water pump and introduced me to Tiguan at Burbank Auto Upholstery. Tiguan is an artist in leather and vinyl. He used the existing seat cushions as templates to make a pattern and he hand-cut material to match the Alfa design exactly, vinyl on the sides and leather on the seating surfaces.

I had the finish completely wet sanded and polished out by a local body shop and Andre's Custom Wheel Refinishing restored the wheels. The lacquer paint is original.

Vittorio and Onofrio DeLeonidas at Alfa Italia rebuilt the engine, performing a complete valve job. They also replaced the rings and polished the liners. The engine is now tight with minimal oil consumption.

Vittorio also installed new door panels. When a set of Commemorative Edition wood trim became available, I ripped out the faux wood and had Vittorio install the genuine product. (I think it's genuine wood but I'm certain it's genuine Pininfarina and authentic Alfa Romeo.)

Installing an Alpine radio to replace the Panasonic unit previously fitted is the most recent refinement. The Alpine is a good match to the original and is period correct.


It's a much loved auto that draws admiring comment whenever it is taken out.




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Oh, those are beauties for certain.


Here's my little contribution.  My $30,000 car that's worth $7k. :)


1976 with a race=prepped 1967 GB engine,  out to 2L and only good stuff inside.  Latest addition was AC Cobra coil-overs complete front end overhaul.  It's a daily driver as well, even as I tell my insurance broker that it only goes to car shows (never).  Haha.  Hasn't been out much lately.  Couple COVID19 with the fact that it's Junuary here and still raining every day and it's just better to take the '89 Volvo 245 wagon (my work-truck).


And yes, I keep both of these guys running although it's getting harder and harder to get on the garage floor (read "old man")


Let's see more.



IMG_2998 copy.jpg

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On 6/14/2020 at 7:48 AM, David Waelder said:

I acquired Orsini, the 1991 Spider Veloce pictured here, in 2015.


It's a much loved auto that draws admiring comment whenever it is taken out.


Dang, that's one clean Alfa!  I'm sure she drives as well as she looks too.


On 6/14/2020 at 8:30 AM, tourtelot said:

Here's my little contribution.  My $30,000 car that's worth $7k. :)

If there ever was a saying that encapsulated my car life!


21 hours ago, David Waelder said:

It was one of the last years with dual SU carburetors and I still have the Unisyn in my tool kit.

Having had only really ahd American big V8 classics, I wasn't well versed on dual carb setups until recently when a buddy of mine got a '72 BMW Bavaria (in good shape for the age but definitely a project).  Has the factory dual Zenith carbs and man, a bit of a learning curve on that one!  They sound great at full throttle though.


Spent Sunday helping out a buddy tune up (and fix an exhaust collector leak) on his new '70 GTO 455 4 speed.  500 lb-ft of torque and boy does it throw you back into your seat!






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