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I have a Weller WLC100 as well, however it not substitute for lack of skills.. Spend  a few extra $ for a variety of different size/shape tips, The WLC100's  included 'screwdriver'  tip is a bit large for the small TA solder pins and forget about soldiering a Hirose power plug without very small tip and perfect vision (or significant magnification)

XLRs are relatively easy with basic skills, a TA plug can be a challenge.. especially if resistors are needed.

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I really don’t like soldering, I have to admit. Never learned it, never really wanted to. For a lot of cables, like when I wanted to swap a connector on one end, I have recently discovered these solder connector with heat shrink. They are very easy to use and I can now put a Hirose connector on a 4pin XLR cable in minutes and it looks quite nice, too. 


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