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Pelican battery question (Remote audio or PSC)

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I've asked many stoopid questions in my day, but this might take the cake... (I plead brain-farts)


When using a portable battery box (such as the PSC Pelican Life or the Remote Audio Life), can it be used to power my cart while it is being recharged?  

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Not a stupid question. I know I asked Ron this question years ago when he released his new life pelican and I think he said it would depend on the load you’re putting on it. The portable charger can charge it simultaneously but if you’re putting a really heavy draw on it it may not keep up. Who knows what the Remote Audio does. I know Ron at PSC can tell you exactly what to expect with a quick email or call. 

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I asked Ron 3-4 years ago about the old Power Star rack charging the PSC Pelican LiFE batteries. He told me it has a built in battery management board and it pretty much behaves like a lead acid battery. Plug and play connection, no need to adjust the charger on the Power Star rack and would work as is.


So like @Derek H said, just as long as you're not drawing more than the charge rate you should be fine. I also have no clue about the RA ones.

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