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DPA 6060 as AB Stereo pair


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Hi all,


I was just wondering if anyone has successfully used DPA 6060's to record AB stereo ambiences?

I know that a lot of people have had good experiences using the 4060's and was wondering if I can hit two birds with one stone and purchase 2x 6060's for laving purposes as well as additionally being able to record ambiences every so often.


thanks for the help!


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2 hours ago, OnTheSoundSideOfLife said:

No personal experience, but Bubblebee did this video using the 6060s:


Thanks for this. 


Difficult to hear the noise floor with water, but it sounds great. 

4 hours ago, Shastapete said:

no reason it wouldn't work, other than the limitations of the super small diaphragms of lav mics it'll probably be just as good or better than the 4060s (because of the CORE circuitry and newer design) 

Yea, I figured there will be a small loss of quality because of the diaphragm size. 

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5 hours ago, julian said:


Yea, I figured there will be a small loss of quality because of the diaphragm size. 


Having used DPA (and Bruel & Kjaer) for a number of years I would trust their own published specs on output level, noise floor, max SPL etc. Can't see how or why a smaller diaphragm (developed after several years by the people who made the larger diaphragm model) should be lower in 'quality' tho' maybe the specs are slightly different. Sorry haven't used the 6060 yet but having lost both my B6 and one of my 4060 quad set over the last couple or so years a pair of 6060s is on my 'sometime soon' list to replace (augment what's left) a mini quad ambience and a mini underwater fx set.


The 4060s may not be the 'best' omni ambience mics out there but they were certainly one of the most useful. I haven't looked too closely into it but the usefulness is at least extended with the waterproof capability of the 6060 so a couple of them are certainly my intention so far.



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Not exactly ambience, but I regularly throw two A10s with 6060s in pianos or stick them to the back if its one of thise small home-pianos. Its super fast to do on doc shoots!

Invisible to cam, and you get incredibly good stereo signal which is also great to use in the mix as original music (if the player is good).

Much better than just booming it, and really fast to set up.

You can hear a short use of it here (also on the Rebecca Bakken IV):



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