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MicPort Pro 2 - record to computer or smart phone

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Patrick: ::sigh:: Had you read the piece, you would have learned that Rode Reporter has a problem when plugged into my iphone 11 Pro Max. When the phone screen dims or goes dark, it glitches the audio. 


I've been in touch with Rode about it. Their quick fix is to keep the screen turned on during recording. They may get ot the fix in the next rev. 




Ty Ford

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I stopped reading at the part where you had issues with the USB lightning adapter (sorry)

I run the Centrance R4 using the old style USB/lightning adapter, not playback issue.

Maybe its an issue with the MPP2

Or supplied cable.


Like every  other software recording app Rode utilizes the prevent auto lock option.

Ive never had a glitch.




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