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Lifepo4 charge at the same time as outputting DC

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I’m about to change over from SLA to lifepo4.... I have some invicta 20ah batts and a victron 10A power supply charger.

Im wanting to build the lifepo4 into a case and have it trickle charging while I output to my distro.

ill be pulling about 8 amps to power my equipment but have a couple of questions.

I found this question and answer on their forum

Can a blue smart charger be used as power supply WHILE charging?

The datasheet mentions it can be used as power supply if not connected to a battery.

But can I also use the charger to power a device while charging a battery, provided that the current draw of the device is significantly less than what the charger is rated for

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WKirby  answered ·   BEST ANSWER

Yes, you can put loads on it whilst it is charging.
The loads will reduce the charging current. So if the charger is charging at 4A and the loads are taking 3A then 1A goes to charge the battery.
The Voltage going to the loads will vary and be the same Voltage of the battery at that time.



and this is the answer I got from the distributor 

Hi Ant,


the voltage will range if the battery is completely flat, but it will stay within those confines. So cut off will be around 9V, but this won’t be an issue if the battery is put in charged. Also, the voltage of the battery will be at or around 13.8V very fast, being LiFePO4, so this may not be an issue at all. Depending on the voltage range of the equipment.

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Hi Ant,


I have a 100Ah LifePO4 battery and a Victron 15Ah smart charger. It's been just fine for a year now charging the battery and supplying power to my cart at the same time. Mounted in the battery case is a Votronic smart shunt / battery computer plus a low voltage cutoff relay to monitor the charge / discharge. 

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