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Vdb boom pole fails to lock tight


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Recently, I found two sections of my Vdb XL-QT are unable to be locked tightly. Used indoor, the pole is alright, but when the blimp and windjammer are on, the two collars of the pole simply can’t hold the weight and those two sections would easily turn. I wonder why it happens. I rarely use this pole in unusual locations like the beach.


Is there anything I can do to fix it by myself instead sending it back to Vdb or even purchasing a new pole? My appreciation.

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Does the collar tighten up and stop twisting or does it keep turning? If it keeps turning, the threads are stripped. You'd have to take it apart to see if one or both parts are stripped.


If it stops twisting, then the threads are ok, but the bushing is worn out or broken.


Either way, un-thread it and take a look to see what part is bad. See if they will sell you parts.


It could be the bushing is just out of place and needs to be set back correctly.


[edit] I don't have that pole, but in the pole I have, there is are two plastic bearings at the bottom end of the tube. These bearings slide between two ridges on the inside of the tube. They prevent the tube from rotating. If those bearings broke then the tube can rotate. It would be my guess that this is the most likely reason it is rotating.

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If it is the QT it should be pretty recent isnt it? That is strange. How old is it?

You are the first reporting having an issue with the new QT (quarter turn) locking system. It is a clever mechanical system and no longer a thread/screwing locking system so they claim it does not get dirty easily.

They are pretty straight forward to dismantle.

On the most recent you need to first slightly loosen the little screw of the tip locking collar. I think the first batches of the QT series booms do not have this screw.

It allows the collar to stay in place whenever you take out the tip. After loosen it, turn the collar c-cwise until the stop and take it out from the top. It should come out very easy.

Then take out the bottom plug then once you take out the fist thinner pole you can remove the collar of the next pole also easily. And so on for all of them.

Let us know if you can see anything wrong in the collar that caused you trouble.


Here is a pic of the tip collar (tip removed) to show you the tip collar screw on the recent system.





VDB QT boom tip collar screw.JPG

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