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Halter Technical Elite Monitor

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Introducing the all new Halter Technical Elite Monitor!


The Elite Monitor Headphones have been specifically designed for creative professional use. The Elite Monitor features 40mm studio-grade drivers with full frequency response for incredible fidelity and clarity. The rubberized matte-black coating eliminates handling noise, and won’t reflect light in the studio or on stage. The vented earpad and headband cushions offer maximum comfort and minimum fatigue, and can be easily worn for an entire production day. Its collapsible and durable build provide for fast and easy storage. The single-sided 3-foot cable with stereo connector is perfect to plug into any IFB/Comtek on a belt without any excess cable. With the Elite Monitor, Executives and VIP’s now have an audio monitoring option that they can rely on to help them create the amazing content that they’re working for.


Retail Price: $25US

Available now from all of our retail partners


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A 25$ headphone for Executives and VIP’s?


Every other day I have this "wait what?" reflex in my brain when perceiving PR language.

Anyhow, looks like an affordable product, that gets jobs done. I keep it in mind and might buy it some day if an application crosses my roads, probably not for VIPXecutives though ;-).

Thnx, good luck and all the best with the HTEM

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"Comtek Perfect" phones.  At $25 a pair?  I'd buy a dozen pair right away if I still did production work.  Comtek phone just get left at craft services anyway.  I'd charge production $50 a set to replace them and they'd think it a deal.



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I've been playing with a pair of these for the past couple of days and all I can say is "wow" these are great. For the price? Crazy! Very good sound, comfortable, simple design, and look they will hold up quite well. They are a no-brainer in my book. 

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Just received a few, here're my first impressions:

- Lightweight but provide a feeling of value. They don't appear cheap. The surface coating has a nice velvety touch to it. Time will tell, how long that holds.

- They are quite "open back" or trans-missive to surrounding sounds. Not like some tight on-ear phones like the HD-25. Good for most situations within their purpose.

- They do fold, but not fully, like the Audio Technica M series. That does not make them as compact as one might imagine. The overall shape when folded is still a bit strange for storage, but not as big as non-folding HPs like the HD-25.

-They feel quite "big". In the smallest setting, they just fit my head. In other words it's too big for heads quite smaller than mine. I use my Beyer Studio Mod Pro in a medium setting.


So far I am happy with the purchase.


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