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ISO: Los Angeles Boom Op for run & gun shoot for September 24th and October 9th

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Hi all:


Looking for a good, flexible, positive attitude boom op for a run & gun shoot on September 24th, 2020 and October 9th, 2020.

For a pro, this will be an easy gig. We will be visiting four employee's homes/office places of work with their boss and presenting them with an award on camera.

Each shoot will be very brief, perhaps 3-5 minutes. No recorder, wired boom straight into camera, these recipients are all immune compromised so hand booming them

is the only option, no lavs. No rehearsal, no setup, the award will be a surprise to the employee so it will be a single shoulder mounted camera and the boom plugged into camera.


We will have an on camera monitor so boom op can see edge of frame. These segments will be recorded roll ins for the

client's live stream (they are a worthy charity). I have $400.00 per day, it will be less than 8 hour days I have been told. 

Day one: Palmdale, Canyon Country, Northridge (four subjects)

Day two: Granada Hills, Northridge (two subjects) - short day for sure.

Canon EOS C200 camera, I have Ktek 7' internally cabled Aluminum travel pole or older Gitzo 11' carbon externally cabled pole and Røde NTG5 package or Audux SCX1-HC with Rycote

or boom op can use their own gear if they would rather. These will be straight to camera, cabled but not a ton of camera moving around. No external audio recorder,

not needed for this client and project. Only catch is we stay at least 6' from subjects and we should try to stay 6' away from each other, wearing masks obviously.  

Please contact me at dan@webcastandbeyond.com with your CV/qualifications/reel. Need to hire this asap since first shoot day is in 7 days.


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