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Boom Pole - Longer and Fewer Sections

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Most offerings of boom poles have short sections and 4 - 6 of them with them being usually under 30" sections. I have a 6 section pole. I'm wondering if for some applications, I'd prefer a 4' section and only 3 sections.  I'm thinking that fewer sections to lock and unlock would be preferable. If I don't need the pole to be compact, why not use a longer section?



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Yes quite and people do use bigger and less section poles in drama, the Panamic being a favourite.
But for what I do, mainly docs sometimes in remote places, I like the range that six section gives you between collapsed and extended length.
I use the previous generation VDB's before they went to quarter turn locks (I believe you can still get the previous locks to special order?), because the very fine thread on the collars enabled one to set a friction such that the sections can be pulled out / collapsed without touching a collar, but nevertheless maintain sufficient friction to stop a large rifle mic, in an exterior basket with furry, from twisting on the axis of the pole, a fairly fine setting, but very useful in fast moving circumstances. I can collapse / extend a VDB whilst navigating multiple doorways between large rooms for example.

On top of which VDB's are a masterpiece of the play off between sufficient strength, whilst being as light as possible, yes they do bend at full extension, but I don't care because I just compensate for the bend easily.
You've guessed it, I'm a VDB fan, no one else comes close yet....:)
PS I just tried the new K-Tek classics 6 section, which are admirably rigid, but weigh more than half as much again, as a VDB, and the collars are not particularly fine setting friendly.....YMMV.

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