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Save on a NanoLockit now by supporting our Logger campaign on Kickstarter


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Hi everybody,

Ambient has recently kicked off a campaign to extend the application of our trusted NanoLockit beyond the use as a timecode synchronizer.
This exciting feature will allow you to read out a log file of button presses and use them as markers, cue points, you name it using an additional panel for Adobe Premiere (the platform in use for most of the productions it is targeted at). We had this spinning in our heads for quite a while and actually the reason the Nano shipped with 3 buttons and a lanyard since day one. Now that we finally found opportunity to evaluate it's usefulness it on our own productions in house there is no way for us to keep the handbrake fastened.
The Kickstarter campaign we chose to promote this outside of our filter bubble basically has two pledge levels: one is just the panel (for current owners of our NanoLockit) but also a soft- and hardware bundle. The clue herein is the unit included is a regular NanoLockit, offered at 90,- EUR off our regular list price with the only differerence being the "Logger Edition" having the minijack cable swapped against a promo code for aforementioned panel.
So, if your interest has been triggered on the logging feature or you just on the chance to extend your existing  timecode setup on a bargain, feel free to check out our campaign on Kickstarter:

Disclaimer: the decision to go Kickstarter with this down to the core is mainly for the sake of crowdfinding rather than crowdfunding, but we strongly believe in that feature. So, albeit the pledges can only be sent out on succesful funding chances are you will see this panel as an upcoming optional addition no matter.
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Step after step ;)

We found most of the people we talked to that would fall into the target group of smaller teams, individual shooters, also mostly industrial/image/investigatory/documentary related projects actually do work on premiere and then FCP X. Especially Avid is comon in larger, dare I say professional productions with a larger team and such a dedicated script supervisor to take notes.

Oh, and I forgot to mention our API is open and free and the logs can easily be extracted from every Nano (including all units shipped since 3 years)...  as such we actually are in communication with a programmer of an asset management tool that reached out to implement this into his product and a member of our LockitTimecode user group has benn provided a sample json to create an importer for Reaper.

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