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Dumb Question From the New Guy

Alex T

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Hey guys/gals I had a quick newbie question. I am pretty new to sound and my kit consists of a sound devices 552, mixpre 10 and sennheiser wireless. I was gifted a wisycom mcr42 and one mtp40 transmitter. All the mics I have are locking 3.5 and was wondering if there was an adapter anyone knew about to make a locking 3.5 into a 3 pin lemo. I looked online but the verbiage associated with them was not clear, hence me asking the experts!

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There are lots of adapters out there online and through dealers like Trew, Markertek, B+H etc. etc.   Best practice is to reconnector the mic to what the TX needs, and not use an adapter.  Especially for a mic level signal on a device that talent will wear while acting (and thus not thinking about being careful with it), the adapter is a big extra point of possible failure.

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7 hours ago, ATaps said:

@phillipperkins appreciate the response! I def gave that a thought, but in my mind that would be a more expensive route. Would you happen to know where I could maybe look at getting the mics re-terminated? Thanks again!

If you are in SoCal, lots of places, including the repair depts of the big pro audio for video dealers (Trew, LSC, Audio Dept. etc.).  There are freelance techs as well.  Your Wisys want Lemo, which I find really hard to work with, so I'd def. sub the work out,

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