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Is there post tech available that allows word and phrase searching in audio files? My initial thought is the time consuming method of real time siri transcription etc. no transcripts done of this audio unfortunately. 

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You could try one of the automated "AI" speech-to-text services. You can get transcripts back in minutes. Like, upload an hour of video, have the transcript back in 15 minutes (I haven't really timed it carefully, but let's say 4X faster than realtime). I do this a fair amount when wearing my producer/journalist hat.


The service right for you depends on your workflow, budget, and need for accuracy. Lots of the services are pretty decent right now, but proper names can be a challenge, though it's not like 10 years ago when I was working on a film about Sophie Tucker and the automated transcription tech we tried transcribed her name as "soviet trucker." Cracked me up, but wasn't helpful for searches... Anyway:


I'm hanging with Transcriptive these days, but that's just me and my current work:



Temi is good. And you can get up to 45min transcribed for free as a trial:



Also check out Rev and Trint; I haven't used their automated versions, but people I know are happy with them:







I know that's a lot of links. But quick looks at the websites will help you figure out which service is worth a shot. Or send a file to a couple and choose what works for you. And let me know what you end up doing. I'm always up for feedback on this topic... The tech is changing quickly.

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Thanks Jim, on the basis of your post, I got Transcriptive to work inside Premiere Pro.


I had previously used Dragon but it was only 50-60% acurate.


Transcriptive works as advertised and is indeed over 95% accurate, even for the non-US language we use in Australia!


Thanks again.

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I've been using Descript for the podcast productions I've been doing. It uses google's transcription engine and creates a transcript that is directly tied to an audio timeline – so doing a paper edit does a decent job of editing the audio file as well. I would export it to ProTools to clean up the edits and do post processing and mixing, but it saved me a significant amount of time doing the first pass of the edits. 

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