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Cart wiring - favorite DC cable?

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I feel like I’ve tried so many and still haven’t found a favorite. 

Specifically talking about 2-conductor, unshielded, stranded cable, round cable, not zip. 16, 20, & 22 awg. 

My main hang up is I can’t find one I like that is flexible enough. Something close to good mic cable ideally. 

closest I’ve come is 16/2 sjo cable by the foot from Home Depot which is just like a thin stinger but the insulation on the conductors melts back pretty terribly. Really only made for crimping or screw down connections. 

Any ideas?


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I just bought some 16/2 round boat cable as well as various size 2 conductor unshielded cable from Pacer which sells marine electrical supplies. The wire itself is high quality with individually tinned copper stranding and nice insulation on the individual conductors but the cable jacket overall insulation is a lot stiffer than I’d like. 

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