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Bubblebee Sidekick & Comtek 216 issue


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Thank you for these examples of when two channels in in one ear are useful. I’m a curious person and your insight and knowledge is very helpful.


I’m aware of how the adapter works, its more of the “Why/ Need” to hear two channels in One ear...with the Sidekick. Obviously the Field Monitor and the Sidekick are similar  products, albeit at different price points but at the core they are designed for the same applications. 

The info on the Senn and  Shure IEM’s not accepting a mono mix and the fact that they are European based (as is BBI) is interesting... I’m seeing a market based decision in the design. Which is completely fine, of course. 


I have no doubt I’ll be coming back for a Sidekick 2 at some point - it’s an amazing product, but  sans Comtek. 

7 hours ago, RadoStefanov said:

Tape/glue over the connector ring! 

Problem solved

Thanks Rado! 

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On 12/17/2020 at 11:25 AM, Vincent R. said:

I have had one in my hands to check it out, didn't check it for solderability though. But assuming it is, which most likely is the case, it will take you 5 minutes to do so, and you can use your beloved headset. We solder plugs on 300/600 usd lavs all the time to adapt them to different systems, so not a big deal. 

compared to a b6 and a lemo...this one looks to be a cakewalk. I know this has been discussed a bunch already but i feel like getting ahold of one, wiring it for a comtek... but use it with a sennheiser iem :)


all kidding aside my thinking is people shouldnt avoid this fine product when it could be an easy mod (and i know op this is not at all your intention). It seems common practice for sound mixers to mod everything in their kit. it is near impossible for manufacturers to check every box on products for us or they would never make a profit

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