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Post (Protools and alike) latency question

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For the ones that do / know about audio post:
When I got back a mix from audio post (Few years ago, mixes came from ProTools), sound was always late by some 20 Msecs.
Audio post told me this had to do with latency introduced due to processing.
(I can remember from VERY long ago that a 'render' in PT was in fact a playback trough DSP's with simultaneous recording, can't imagine this is still the case...)
But, fact is (well, was, question follows..) that sound was not proper in sync. (Don't bitch about 20 Msecs being no issue, that's not the point.)

Question, is this still the case nowadays?

Reason, I'm altering my LoudnessChange app. (It nowadays can do way more fun, like altering stems based on the PrintMaster.)
It can also set new TC / timestamps. So it's a breeze to deduct some samples from the timestamp to compensate for latency.

But if it's no issue, why make the interface more complicated with something outdated...


And then, what to do when the start TC = 00:00:00:00 / AKA BWF  SAM 1?

Trim the start of the file instead of setting the timestamp X samples lower?

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