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Tips for my first pelican battery.

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Looking at the website, it appears that this battery is designed to be a drop in replacement for devices that would normally use a similar (physical dimensions) sealed lead acid battery. I have had experience with a few of these from other manufacturers and I have a few comments. They often are rated, amp hours, a equivalent to SLA battery in performance in the intended device (scooters, wheel chairs, solar installations, etc.) but sometimes turn out to be seriously underrated. This is difficult to determine in advance. Secondly, the website does not make any recommendation for battery charger which makes  me think that they expect that you will use whatever SLA battery charger or charging system the the device already employs. This again is sometimes less than ideal  ---  using a charger designed for SLA batteries with a LiFe battery. You need  to do some more research to be clear about these issues. As before, I highly recommend all of the product from Bioenno Power  --  LINK to Bioenno website

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