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Wisycom MCR 54 Field Report


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I received my MCR 54 kit with 4 MTP 40S October 15th and have been using it for almost a month. I started a move on the 21st and just finished it this week.


* Encoder mode needs to be included in the Sync function.

* Range is great, I settled on 50 Milli watts.

* Sound is very crisp and clean

* Receiver output headroom exceeds my 688 and can be a problem. Getting the Attn right is a constant battle.

* 40S transmitters are durable and last up to 5 hours on two enelope pro batteries

* The expanded wide range is great, I have been using mine in the 653 to 663 range and have not changed the frequencies since the first day and all month

* I did get a little ticking when trying to use the transmitters thru a door with sonic openers, I was right next to the door. I just moved to the other side of the door and it went away.

* Wisycom manager works great and is easy to use, it is PC only right now.

* The narrow front end filter needs to be explained in the flyer you get for a manual. All of the transmitters need to be around a 30 mghz window or the receiver will disable some of the channels.

* Transmitters took a beating on this last movie with no problems. Spring clips are very strong and slowed down the mic process a bit.

* Receiver worked great in a drop bag for long range work.




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Thanks for the share! I’m looking to buy an mcr54. I just bought a 688 with sl6 combo and I’m wondering how you have it connected to the sl6. Do you get the same menu access from the 688? Did you have to buy an additional adapter plate to make it work? Any downsides or loss of the sl6 perks when using it with the 688/sl6 combo? Thanks! 

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