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Arhoolie Records


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10 hours ago, Jim Feeley said:


The SFO Museum does fantastic work. >snip<


18ish months ago, SFOM had a great exhibition on Chris Strachwitz and Arhoolie Records. I just stumbled upon it and was SO glad that I was early for my flight and got to absorb the exhibit. They had his Magnecord tape recorder and explained how that recorder was crucial to his work. Also had lots of other cool artifacts:



I have pix of that exhibit somewhere. But google points me to some here:










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Ya, Down Home and Arhoolie are less than two miles (~ three kilometers) from my house. Les Blank worked in a room up the stairs by the back racks (his Steenbeck sat unused in the back corner because it was too difficult to move down the stairs). Several times while browsing at Down Home, I'd like the record/CD the clerks were spinning and I'd end up buying that. Such a great place.  


Whenever any of you are in the San Francisco East Bay (e.g., Oakland, Berkeley, etc), it's worth swinging by Down Home for a visit.


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