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Professional Wireless PWS In-Line Bandpass Filter Reviews?

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I am in the market for a filtering option for my wireless. I am Using Lectro A1 and B1 and i found this filter that would exactly fit my needs. Here the link to the product: https://www.professionalwireless.com/product/pws-in-line-bandpass-filter-uhf-470-616-mhz/


Has anyone already use them? Any recommendation for or against this product?





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I have no experience with those, sorry. 
But instead I can highly recommend the Wisycom BFA, which is both a variable filter and an amp with attenuation all in one box. Gain ranges from -12 - +27dB, and I have to say I never knew how valuable the attenuation was before I had it. You have a bandfilter which you can set to various bandpasses depending on your needs. And you can also set a 40mHz window, although I don’t use that. Personally I like that I can easily adapt it as my needs change and that I can so easily change the gain. And all that in a pretty small box, that is ok in a bag and great on a cart. As it only needs bias power it also makes it much easier to integrate as opposed to two active filters and maybe even two amps. 
But it’s very expensive....



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Thanks for the tip. The gain and attenuation is a very attractive feature indeed. But the wisycom filter window doesnt fit my need as good as the PWS filter does. I have all my mics within 470-614 mHz and my IFBs within 626-668 mHz. I want to be able to filter out the walkies from the crew (which goes up to 470) and my IFB (which the antenna is situated very close to the Rx antenna on my cart). This filter does exactly that and is about 1/3 of the price of the wisycom. 

I might rethink this in the future but for now i think the PWS is what i need.

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2 hours ago, Constantin said:

Well, if you’re sure already...

But just to clarify, one of the bandpass filter settings is 470-617MHz..., which seems to fit well

Aaah! I didn't read it like that on the website when i did my research... Mmmh the BFA would be a great option too! I might rethink my choice then. Thanks for the tip!

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